Two Mothers and Two Babies

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By Rev. William Ilnisky

Scripture:   LUKE 1:39-56


Mary apparently started on her journey as soon as possible because the journey would be between 50-70 miles from Nazareth to Zechariah’s and Elizabeth’s home – a major trip in those days.  The stirring of the unborn child in Elizabeth’s womb becomes a joyful prelude to her being filled with the Holy Spirit, who revealed the identity of the child Mary was carrying.  

Nowhere in the New Testament is Mary called “Mother of God.”  Deity is confined to the Godhead.  She was the mother of Jesus the Messiah and Lord.  In Luke, “Lord” is a frequently used title.

“Blessed” describes the happy situation of those whom God favors.  Elizabeth gave the blessing that Zechariah’s muteness prevented him from giving.  Later, he gave the blessing to the infant Jesus.  Luke uses the blessing Elizabeth gave Mary to call attention to Mary’s faith.

Mary’s song, commonly known as “The Magnificat”, has several striking features:
 1st it is saturated with Old Testament concepts and phrases; 
2nd it shows Mary’s deep piety and knowledge of Scriptures.  Such familiarity with the Old Testament was not so unusual for pious ladies like Mary.Her song reflects qualities of the mother of Jesus.
3rdit reveals a God who vindicates the downtrodden and ministers to the hungry; it also strikes a revolutionary note.
4th it implies Mary consciousness of her own exalted role as the kingdom dawns.

Life Application:  

Develop an on-going intimate relationship with God the Father by reading His Word, singing and worshiping.  Do it not just in church, and watch what He will do with you.


Dear Father, thank You for including in the Bible the stories of ordinary, everyday people who have wonder-filled experiences.  You do the choosing, and they respond.  Father, I know that You are still doing the choosing today.  If there was ever a needed time for the demonstration of Your love and power, it is today.  So, please raise up a new generation that is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and is not afraid of the devil and the world. Amen!

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