The Weapons of Our Warfare

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Scripture of the Day:  
EPHESIANS 6:10-12 
Reflection on the Scripture of the Day
Our warfare-our main source of conflict in life-is not with people; it is against spiritual forces of evil.  For that reason, worldly weapons, such as human invention, talents, wealth, military might, propaganda, charisma, and personality are inadequate to defeat our real enemy and to demolish the devil’s stronghold.  Only the weapons that God provides are adequate to resist evil, crush the devil’s resistance, defeat ungodliness and combat false teachings.
These weapons are powerful because they are spiritual and come from God.  Paul advised putting on the whole armor God has provided for Believers so that they can stand victoriously in this battle.  The emphasis on “to stand” can be found in verses 13 and 14.  It contains the idea of being successful in this spiritual battle.
“Put on” contains the idea of “putting on for one’s self.”  Believers must do this in order to counter the “wiles” or “schemes” or “strategies” of the devil.  The word for “devil” in this context literally means “slanderer.”
The order in this passage about spiritual warfare cannot be overemphasized.  While it is not wise to overemphasize the devil, it is not wise to go to the other extreme and ignore him.
The conflict is serious. Paul refers to “principalities,” “powers,” “rulers,” and spiritual wickedness.”  The language shows that these beings are spiritual and not like flesh and blood people. The term, ‘high places” or “heavenly realms” denotes that unseen realm.
Believers are not just shadowboxing in this spiritual warfare.  The enemies are real, but thank God, they can be overcome by His grace.

Life Application: 

We learn to fight the devil from the advantage of being a child of God’s with access to His power and authority.  Don’t let the devil fool you.  He is the loser!


Praise God, we have the advantage over the devil.  Jesus won the victory for us, Hallelujah!  Dear Father, I am so thankful that I am on the winning side.  You expelled the devil from heaven, and he is forever the loser even though he tries to intimidate Your children.  He still lies and refuses to accept the fact of his eternal defeat.  I am so thankful that I know my Redeemer is alive and one day I will be with Him beyond the devil’s reach.  Thank You, Jesus. Amen!
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