The Secret of Endurance

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By Rev. William Ilnisky

Scripture of the Day : 1 PETER 1:6-7


Peter comes to the actual situation in life in which his readers found themselves. Their Christianity had always made them unpopular, but now they were facing almost certain persecution. Soon the storm was going to break and life was going to be agonizing. In the face of that threatening situation, Peter, in effect, reminds them of three reasons why they can stand anything that may come upon them.

(1) They can stand anything because of what they are able to look forward to.  At the end, there is for them the magnificent inheritance: life with God. In fact, one translator phrases it, “in the last time.” This has been taken to mean “in the time when the world as we know it will come to an end;” but the Greek can mean “when the worst comes to the worst.” When things have reached their limit, the saving power of Jesus will be displayed. For the Christian, suffering persecution and trouble is not the end; the glory lies beyond that. In hope of that glory believers can endure anything that life brings. One of the basic facts of life is that people can endure anything as long as they have something to look forward to-and Christians can look forward to ultimate joy.

(2) They can stand anything that comes if they remember that every trial is, in fact, a test. The trials that come to a man test his faith and out of them, that faith can emerge stronger than ever. In this world, trials are not meant to take the strength out of believers, but to put the strength in them. Peter says that the Christian, for the moment, may well have to undergo various trials. The Greek word used here is poikilos, which literally means “many-colored.” Peter uses that word only one other time and that was to describe the grace of God (1 Peter 4:10). Believers’ troubles may be ‘many colored’, but so is the grace of God.

Life Application: 

Keep your focus on the ‘matching colors’. God always has the right one at the right time for you.


Dear Father, it is so encouraging to know that there is no limit or boundary for You. Your grace is always enough, even when the going is really tough. Thank you for Your constant unending love. You are my hiding place in every battle I go through. Hallelujah! Amen!



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