The Gospel for the Gentiles and for Prayer

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By Rev. William Ilnisky

ScriptureLuke 1:5-17

Reflect, with us,  on the Day’s Reading

It is clear that Luke wrote mainly for the Gentiles. Theophilus was a Gentile, as was Luke, and there is nothing in his gospel that a Gentile could not grasp, and understand. Luke begins his dateline from the reigning Roman emperor and the current Roman governor. Unlike Matthew, he is not greatly interested in the life of Jesus as the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy. He very seldom quotes the Old Testament. He has a habit of giving Hebrew words their Greek equivalent so that a Greek would understand. Simon the Cananaean becomes Simon the Zealot (Luke 6:15 & Matthew 10:4). Calvary is called not by its Hebrew name, Golgotha, but by its Greek name, Kranion. Both mean the place of a skull. He never uses the Jewish term Rabbi of Jesus but always a Greek word meaning Master. When he is tracing the descent of Jesus, he traces it not to Abraham, the founder of the Jewish race, as does Matthew, but to Adam, the founder of the human race. (Matthew 1:2 & Luke 3:38).

Because of this Luke is the easiest of all the gospels to read. He was writing, not for the Jews, but for people like you, and me.
Luke’s Gospel emphasizes prayer. At all the great moments of Jesus’ life, Luke shows Him at prayer. He prayed at his baptism (3:21); before His first collision with the Pharisees (5:16); before He chose the Twelve (6:12); before He questioned His disciples as to who they thought He was; before His first prediction of his death (9:18); at the Transfiguration (9:29); and upon the Cross (23:46). Only Luke tells us that Jesus prayed for Peter in his hour of testing (22:32). Only He tells us the prayer parables of the Friend at Midnight (11:5-13), and the Unjust Judge (18:1-8). To Luke, the unclosed door of prayer was one of the most precious in all the world.

Life Application:

I trust that like me, you are learning a lot from Luke. Don’t do anything without serious thinking, and prayer. If Jesus took so much time talking to His Father before major issues had to be dealt with, guess what we humans need to do. We need direction from Heaven!

Praise & Prayer: 

Dear Father, after reading the Bible, I know why You had to send Your Son to redeem the world. He needed to spend so much time talking to You especially before something major was to take place. So, I know how much I need to talk with You before addressing some of the issues that are facing me now. Father, give me the wisdom I need right now, especially for the next few weeks. Help me when I am talking with people. I need Your help right now. Amen!


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