The Generating Power of God’s Word

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By Rev. William Ilnisky

Scripture:  1 PETER 1:22-25


As a boy, I grew up in Detroit, Michigan during World War II.  Because of food rationing my parents decided to have what was called a “Victory Garden.”  They also decided that my brother and I would learn to plant a garden and care for it until harvest time.  I had no idea what the difference was between the seeds of various plants.  We dug up the ground and prepared it for the seeds. Then we had to carefully mark the rows to identify the seeds.  As boys, this was not the kind of ‘fun’ we looked forward to until we saw the harvest.  Of course, it looked much different than the seeds we planted!

I have discovered that there are many kinds of spiritual ‘seed’ that I can plant in people and the effect it would have on them.  I am sure that many of you have had the same experience.  My parents sowed seeds, as did my school teachers, my Sunday School teachers, my Pastors and others.  I also discover that as an adult people are still sowing seeds into my life.  Only as an adult did I discovered how to avoid or to choose which seeds I would allow to grow and which I would remove before they started to grow.  This is what Jesus, Peter and other Bible writers are talking about.  Choose the soil to plant in and good seed to plant for the harvest you expect.  In overcoming spiritual battles and seeing the good results, think of it as a “VICTORY GARDEN” of your own.

Life Application:  

Look back over your life and separate the results of the good seeds and the not good seeds.  God wants everyone to experience the results of a fruitful harvest when we stand before Him.  What you will hearfrom God our Father will depend on the fruit you allowed to grow from the seeds for which you allowed space and time.  If necessary, remove the wrong seeds and their harvest.  Start over again with good seed for good results.


Dear Father, I thank You for the Bible that teaches us what You expect of us and how to make sure we live up to that expectation.  I also thank You for my parents who taught me about seeds, seed time and harvest.  I also thank You for the many who sowed good seeds into my life.  Oh, the power of the blood of Jesus that enables us to be victorious.  BLESSED BE YOUR NAME, AMEN!
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