The Crown of Life

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By Rev. William Ilnisky
Scripture of the DayJames 1:12
There is joy here and hereafter to the man who meets trials in the right way! (1) In this life, he becomes a man of sterling worth. He is like the Greek word dokimos; he is like metal which is cleansed of all foreign substance. The weaknesses of his character are eradicated; he emerges strong and pure. (2) In the life to come, he receives the crown of life. There is more than one thought here. In the ancient world, the crown had at least four great associations. (a) the crown of flowers was worn at times of joy, at weddings, (Isaiah 28:1; Song of Solomon 3:11). The crown was the sign of festive joy. (b) The crown was the mark of royalty. It was worn by kings and by those in authority. Sometimes this was the crown of gold; sometimes it was the linen band worn around the brow (Psalm 21:3; Jeremiah 13:18). (c) The crown of laurel leaves was the victor’s crown in the games, the prize which the athlete coveted above all; (d) The crown was the mark of honor and of dignity. (Proverbs 1:8-9; Proverbs 4:1-9).

We don’t have to choose between these meanings. They are all included. The Believer has a joy that no other person can ever have.Life for him is like being forever at a feast. He has a royalty that other men have never realized because however humble his earthly circumstances, he is a child of God. He has a victory others cannot win, for he meets life and all its demands in the conquering power of the presence of Jesus. He has a new dignity, for he is ever conscious that God thought him worth the life and death of Jesus.
What is the crown? It is the crown of life, aphrase which means that it is the crown which consists of life.The crown of the Believer is a new kind of living.Through Jesus he has entered into life more abundant.

James says that if the Believer meets the tastings of life in the steadfast constancy which only Jesus can give, life becomes infinitely more splendid than it ever was before. The struggle is the way to glory, and the very struggle itself is a glory.

Life Application:

If you want the crown, you have to meet the trials with the attitude of a winner. You don’t even consider losing.


Hallelujah, what a thought! We wear a crown of life just because we accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. Thank You, Father! I just love the way You and Jesus look after people who have chosen to accept Jesus as their savior. You look after us on earth with the promise of eternal life with You. What an amazing. loving God! Amen!

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