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By Rev. William Ilnisky

Scripture:   LUKE 2:1-20


It is wonderful that the story tells that the first announcement of God came to the shepherds.  Shepherds were despised by the orthodox good people of the day.  They were not able to keep the details of the ceremonial law; they could not observe all the hand-washings, rules and regulations.  The flocks made too many demands on them.  So, the orthodox looked down on them.  It was to the simple men of the fields that God’s message first came.

But these were, in all likelihood, very special shepherds.  The Temple needed lambs without blemish for the morning and evening sacrifices to God.  To see that the supply of perfect offerings was always available, the Temple authorities had their own private sheep flocks which were pastured near Bethlehem.  It is very possible that these shepherds were in charge of the Temple flocks.  It’s a fascinating thought that the shepherds who looked after the Temple lambs were the first to see the LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD.
It was a tradition that when a boy was born, the local musicians would gather at the house with simple music to celebrate his birth.  But because Jesus was born in a barn, this ceremony could not be carried out.  So, God sent the musicians from Heaven and angels sang the songs for Jesus.

Life Application: 

Always remember, the great thought of the Christian faith is that we have a God who knows the life we live because He lived and claimed no advantage over common people.


Dear Father, how wonderful it is to know that we have a God “who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities.”  Thank You for sending Your Son to live on earth as a man.  He knows the difficulties we live with.  He grew up in Joseph’s shop and had to deal with people.  Yet, He maintained His humble spirit and loved mankind.  When the time came, He was willing to die for us, not as the son of Joseph, but as the sinless Son of God.  Hallelujah!  Amen!

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