IPMI 2014 School of Prayer

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Welcome to the 2014 School of Prayer,  a program specially designed for helping churches that are struggling with prayer.  Through these specially designed series on prayer, a local churches are encouraged to build strong and stable prayer ministries to facilitate the growth and development of the congregation for the transformation of their communities.  Are you a local church pastor with a congregation that is struggling with prayer? Why not consider having a IPMI for the 2014 school of prayer at your congregation?

Topic of the 2014 School of Prayer :

“The Prayer Habits of the Intercessor.”

Main Scripture: Zechariah 8: 18 – 23


About The 2014 School of Prayer

This three part series examine the intercessory prayer model outlined in the prophecies of Zechariah, one of the prophets God used to encourage the exiles that returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem  in 520 BC.  In focusing on The Prayer Habits of the Intercessor, from this prophecy of Zechariah, we will look at the important lessons to be learned from the experience of these Jewish exiles to whom the prophecy was addressed, as well as, their relevance to us as individuals and as local churches, in the pursuit of God’s Kingdom throughout the nations, today.

More Information on hosting a school of prayer at your local church contact us at 718 241 2162

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