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Crossing Boundaries and Touching Nations through Prayer

Newton's Recent PhotoWhen  Mac Pier, Founder and CEO of the New York City Leadership Center, invited Intercessory Prayer Ministry International (IPMI) to host a special prayer gathering to facilitate the estimated 3000 leaders coming to Movement Day Global Cities 2016 from across the United States and around the world to pray, we could not have thought of a more appropriate way to memorialize the significance of this historic prayer event than to produce this special publication.  Prayer Global features a diversity of wonderful articles on prayer, its consequences for revival for the social transformation of our broken cities and the advancement of world evangelism in our increasingly fragile world.

Our lead story (pg. 36  ) provides an interesting discussion on the 1857 revival and asks the question: “Could what happened 160 years ago take place again?” Don’t miss this important article, by David Bryant. It presents the hope of revival for our troubled world as nothing less than a fresh awakening to the supremacy of Christ.  But such a revival happens in response to the united prayer of God’s people.  Dave Thompson’s article about the powerful 2011 revival that resulted in the social transformation of the Argentinian city of Rosario is a wonderful demonstration of that fact (pg 7 ). Prayer is not only vital for the healing of the nations; it is becoming more and more relevant to the people of God around the world who live out their faith in increasingly hostile cultures, as Joel Edwards (pg 8 ) has argued. “Certainly, we should be praying for parts of the Christian family experiencing persecution. That is the privilege and opportunity we have.”

Churches, particularly in the West, face two major problems.  On the one hand, they tend to struggle with prayer; on the other hand they are shrinking in size, with all denominations losing the adherence of youth and millennials.   Joseph Mattera (pg,  43 ) encourages pastors grappling with the problem of prayerlessness in their churches to heed the directives of the Scriptures to make prayer a priority, in their personal lives and congregations.

The difficulty of engaging the youth and millennials in our churches begs the question: How effective is the church in getting children and young people involved in the spiritual life of the church?  Esther Ilnisky (pg. 52 ) offers a bold idea on how to spiritually empower churches that are losing their appeal among the youth and millennial populations: Make room for the children and young people.   “Praying children are the most untapped resource in the Church today,” declares Esther. But “children and young people have been marginalized, thus excluded from the spiritual life of the Church.”  Interestingly, The August 22, 2016 issue of Christianity Today, makes a similar point in the article, Research Says: Young People Don’t Want Hip Pastors: When a church strategically invests in young people, they become more than attenders or consumers; they become contributors who invest back in the church. And all generations thrive.”  

“For the gospel to be relevant to a diverse community of people in a region that community needs to see the churches working together across race and denominational lines, “asserts Mac Pier. “By doing so the gospel is authenticated.” (pg 49  ) This special publication reflects a global church that is fast awakening to the reality of the urgent need for an authentic gospel to provide the spiritual and social transformation so desperately needed in our world today.  In response to that reality, the church is finally answering the call to pray.  How fascinating!  Read Prayer Global to get the full story.

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