3rd Annual Prayer Symposium Highlights

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Pastors and Leaders in attendance listen intently to Rev. Dr. David  Ireland, special guest speaker at the Fourth Annual Pastors and Leaders Prayer Symposium.

A Special Report on the Fourth Annual Pastors and Leaders Prayer Symposium, which was hosted on October 15, 2010 in New York City at the International, JFK Hotel.

By Jennifer Lumley

On Friday, October 15, 2010 IPMI hosted its Fourth Annual Pastors and Leaders Prayer Symposium in New York City at the JFK International Hotel, under the theme, “Transforming Lives and Nations Through Prayer.”  Special guest speaker for the occasion was Rev. Dr. David Ireland, Senior Pastor of Christ Church, New Jersey.  Among the  attendees were members of the clergy and leaders representing various denominations,  Para Church organizations, and community based civic organizations, including  Consul General of Jamaica, Mrs Geneive Brown Metzger.

Setting the Mood

Soft, sacred music filled the air as people gently gathered together in an area that could comfortably seat no more than about fifty or so persons. Mark, the son of Rev. Newton Gabbidon, the organizer, tuned and checked the public address system so that microphones could be readily available once the function got started.

Those who thought they may be late on this beautiful October morn, scurried in and mingled as they viewed some of the books, cds and other material on display. There was more than enough variety of bagels, cream cheese, butter, coffee, tea and orange juice to have provided for quite the delicious continental breakfast.

It was one of those moods that appeared to be set ahead of time as God would have had it and Rev. Newton Gabbidon was about to see the result of the work he had concentrated his efforts on for some months now, unfold.

At  approximately ten o’clock am, after having been well fed, the group of about forty persons, transitioned their attention from “Give thanks with a grateful heart” to maturing in the body of Christ. Bishop Morgan, referenced the gathering as he thought the apostles, prophets, evangelists, preachers should be imaging.  As we all ‘broke sweet bread and fruit’ after arriving from the Tri-state area, we were also reminded of ‘being deliberate on things that affect ministry’; one of them being prayer.

Bishop Peter Morgan, the event’s Chairman, makes opening remarks.

The smallest group in most churches is usually the group that meets for prayer meeting.  Congregations need more encouragement to pray so that they can succeed and that people will come to know God through prayer. Bishop Morgan wondered if we remembered in the Holy Bible, where the disciples asked Jesus  ‘Lord, teach us to pray’ and ‘Now it came to pass as He was praying…’ In  soft way Jesus illustrated prayer ‘When you pray say Our Father…’ Jesus was successful in performing miracles because he prayed. He did not teach his disciples miracles, rather he taught them how to pray so they could perform miracles.

Bishop Morgan turned his attention to Rev. Gabbidon and Pastor Sam Vassell, (who was unable to attend), for their hard work and dedication. He thanked God for the day as our Master and Saviour and asked for anointing and revelation as the day progressed.

The main speaker for the day had arrived at the hotel the night before and was now seated at the head table with Bishop Morgan, who settled everyone with his gentle smile and a warm welcome before proceeding to introduce Rev Gabbidon, who provided a brief but remarkable biography of Rev. Dr. David Ireland.

About Rev. Dr. David Ireland

Dr. Ireland is married with two adult daughters. He started off a ministry with six other persons and has now grown to a membership of well over five thousand in Montclair, New Jersey. He is a prolific writer, a revered teacher heard nationwide on his daily radio and weekly television shows, ‘IMPACT” which reaches over fifty million households.

Dr. Ireland’s Delivery

Rev. Dr. David Ireland speaking at Pastors Breakfast

Rev. Dr. David Ireland, composed and relaxed, talked of the work he and his wife had undertaken and how, through prayer, his congregation grew and his faith was strengthened. He stressed the importance of prayer and referred to Martin Luther who said people coming together to pray is like one beggar helping another beggar to find food. He referenced people who were transformed not because of academic esteem but because they were praying people. Prayer was not their first love but their first discipline.

In faith-building, Dr Ireland referred to Jesus telling Simon that “I have prayed for you that your faith fails not.” We have to see and understand the importance of prayer. Dr Ireland referred to Charles Spurgeon’s work that talked about the fact that Jesus did not initiate how to preach, lay hands on the sick or to pray. Jesus was asked and then He would do it.

Rev. Dr. Ireland laid out a four part lesson to the group that listened most attentively.

Lesson 1: Pray until you can pray.

When you recognize the importance of prayer to you, you will set aside

A)    time

B)    place for it with no interference…Jesus prayed in a “certain place”.

Charles and Susanna Wesley had nineteen children but she found time to pray every day. When she threw her apron up over her head, the children knew it was prayer time.

C)    Agenda of prayer or a focus. The five important things are: People, Passions, Purpose, Problems and Possessions.

He said prayer was simply a talk with God and the foundation of a relationship. When you give yourself to prayer, your eyes will be wet in prayer; you will be kept hungry and thirsty for intimacy with God; you are malleable to God.

Lesson 2: Use prayer to secure a promise.

The purpose of prayer is to birth a promise.

(Acts 1) ‘Do not leave Jerusalem but wait for the gift my Father promised”.

When you prevail in prayer, you have the gift of God.

Verse 12 – one hundred believers joined together in constant prayer. They lingered showed vigilance, contemplation, they WAITED in spiritual sobriety.

If prayer is unfulfilled, you pray again and believe in other words it is like grabbing a tree and shaking it until fruit falls off, according to Marin Luther. Prayer also serves as a weapon as seen in Ephesians 6. The armor of God helps you to stand against the wiles of the devil. You need the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness and the shield of faith. Most importantly, however, is ‘praying always’.

Lesson 3: Prayer refuels us.

A fresh revelation of God can help us run a marathon.

Acts 4: Peter and John were told not to peach a certain gospel but they raised their voices in prayer. Prayer shook the place.

Prayer is a spiritual rejuvenation.

Lesson 4: The ministry of intercession is a personal responsibility.

Preachers have to give their attention to praying and the Word. Leaders, preachers and intercessors, cannot ‘walk with a limp’. There must be a balance between preaching and praying. Credibility as leaders is very important trait and people must be able to trust us.

Prayer is a fresh anointing when we get tired and discouraged. We liberate an increasingly antagonistic world to an arena of prayer. We were encouraged to ‘keep our confessions current.’

Our path to prayer is found in the Psalms. The four important aspects are: Praise, Forgiveness, Prayer and Praise.

A culture of prayer should be established whether it is corporate prayer, topical prayer, personal prayer life or the life of the church or petitionary and evangelistic prayer.

The business of praying should be SMART.






The group was then referred to a book called Full Engagement as a guide to prayer before having a lively and engaging Question and Answer Session. One question asked, led to Rev. Dr. Ireland ‘taking us to the throne of grace’ in small, effective group prayer.  It was an

Dr. Ireland listens to a question  from Mrs. Geneive Brown Metzger, Consul General of Jamaica.



atmosphere of strong conviction to real prayer and an attitude of faith that could be felt throughout the entire room.  It was as though a prayer cadre had been formed within that room to represent a larger movement on the outside world.

Bishop Morgan later expressed sincere appreciation to everyone that came out for such an important lesson but mostly to Rev. Dr. Ireland for having brought to us, such inspiration and for teaching us about how public prayer works; how it was introduced and how forceful and dynamic it can be.

In a quiet hush people mingled for a little while, personally thanking Dr. Ireland.

Bishop Morgan also reminded the group of Saturday’s all day prayer summit and encouraged all to return. Everyone seemed to have been filled, refreshed and blessed by the day’s event and a more promising prayer life.

About the Author


Jennifer P. Lumley, a Jamaican native, has resided in Westchester County, New York for many years. A former successful Financial Specialist in Corporate America, with a love for poetry and short stories, she published her first work, ‘MIND SHAPER’, in 2009 and her second, ‘STILL LIFE’, in 2010. She was propelled further with love, encouragement and positive responses, from her friends, family and others who endeared themselves to her, as she utilized her God-given talent.  As an internationally celebrated Author, Poet and Freelance Writer, Lumley still enjoys a game of tennis.  For more information, visit her website at www.Jenuinpoetry.com or via email at Jenley1212@gmail.com or by telephone at (914) 663-5161.

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