IPMI 2005 Global Prayer Convention Report

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The IPMI Prayer / Training Institute was launched on Friday October 14 th, 2005 at the Global Convention on Prayer & Intercession held by IPMI at the Holiday Inn at the JFK Airport in New York . The theme of the Convention was “Releasing the Purposes of God and Advancing His Kingdom in the Nations through Prayer.” It was a fitting theme for an international convention at which the IPMI Prayer and Training Institute was to be launched. Witnesses to the Launch included the special guest Speaker, Emeka Nwankpa from Ghana , Founder and President of Intercessors of Africa, Dr Joseph Campbell of Lebanon , Missouri , and Bishop Peter Morgan of Kingston Jamaica .

This Training Institute has been part of the vision given to the IPMI President, Rev Newton Gabiddon and was presented as a vital way of consolidating the work of this ministry, and of training the next generation of disciples of prayer and intercession so providing for succession of the highest order, and prepare the torchbearers of the vision intergenerationally. Furthermore such an Institute would continue to conduct research into the nature and discipline of intercession as students are trained to probe into the heart of God for greater knowledge and understanding about the exact nature of Prayer.

Founders recognize the validity of the field of intercession and seek to position it within the center of recognized schools of thought. Intercession is seen as a goal of academia, and a dominion system created by God to further the growth of His Kingdom, and to establish His government.

It is viewed by the founders as a valid field of study, taking its place in the world of academia, rising through rigorous research and strong theological and Biblical principles, to rise to a place of influence among other disciplines in the field of liberal arts, science and technology and influencing others systems such as the Performing and visual Arts.

Dr Patricia Morgan. Board Advisor, established the biblical Mandate, the vision and the curriculum design and strategy. Core courses include The Philosophy of Prayer and Intercession, Globalization and its Implications for Prayer and Intercession, and Kingdom Principles and Intercession. She further stressed the need for a strong research component, and with Dr Joseph Campbell, outlined the emphasis to be placed on this valuable research arm and curriculum component. Other Course Objectives include the promotion of the practice of prayer among students. Upon graduation, these prayer and intercessory leaders will be commissioned and anointed to particular positions within the nations with particular responsibility for spheres pf operation.

Students will be endowed with knowledge, understanding and with wisdom and will complete Certificate Courses, Diplomas, and in time, degrees, with the accreditation necessary for strategic placement for effective ministry of prayer and intercession. Graduates will stand mandated, blessed and accredited among the hierarchy of God’s ministers, under the Captain of Hosts, established for warfare and high worship within a world system of intercessors with representational authority and responsibilities.

Witnesses to the Launch of this IPMI Institute lauded the work of God, and expressed their whole hearted blessing of this new initiative. Rev. Nwanpka’s blessing was well received, and all joined in a prayer of commitment to obedience to God’s mandate.

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