Principles of Intercession

  By Rosemarie Brown It is God's will that the body of Christ experience great and powerful victories in prayer. These victories are not only attainable but are absolutely necessary for the advancement of God's kingdom. Too often however, we give up, and fall far short of God's purposes because we lack understanding as to the nature of the battle or the methods by … [Read more...]

The Role of Worship in Intercession

  By Rosemarie Brown We are living in a day where we are experiencing a mighty restoration of praise and worship in the Church. In recent years, there has been an explosion of worship and praise songs, often birthed by the Spirit of God, as believers long after Him. Along with the restoration of worship, God is bringing the Body of Christ into new depths of … [Read more...]

Prayer and the Activity of Angels

  By Joseph Campbell, DMin There is much talk today about the activity of angels. There are television shows and movies depicting angels in various roles. These roles may or may not be biblical. This article will seek to highlight from the Scriptures some of the roles that prayer plays in angelic activity. Angels and Deliverance The account in Acts 12 : 1-19 tells … [Read more...]

Key Sacrifices of the House of God

  By Rev. Dr. Joseph Campbell All over the world God is calling His people to gather as the house of God. The Scriptures reveal that the house of the Lord is the place where His people offer sacrifices unto Him. Three obvious sacrifices which God desires are holiness, praise, and intercession. Any church or group of Christians who successfully offer these three … [Read more...]

Prayer, the Ruling Force

By Newton Gabbidon, John Wesley once made the amazing statement: “It seems God is limited by our prayer life – that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him.” Such statement appears to overlook the fact that the Sovereign God is also omnipotent. Nevertheless, the statement holds some truth and deserves critical comment. Believers, who strongly oppose … [Read more...]

The Church the House of Prayer

  By Newton Gabbidon What is the Church?  And what exactly is God expecting of the church today in order to fully accomplish His will on earth through the establishment of His kingdom? An interesting response to these questions is provided by Jesus in Luke 19:46: “My house shall be called the house of prayer”...a house that He would build and the very gates of … [Read more...]

Faith, The Important Key to Answered Prayers

  By Newton Gabbidon Success in life does not depend on chance; it depends on following proven principles. Nowhere is this more evident than in the believer's prayer life. Those who succeed in becoming effective intercessors and prayer warriors follow proven biblical principles. In this issue, I will discuss the important principle of praying in faith. James … [Read more...]

The Why, the Way and Wonder of Revival

By Rev. Rosemarie Brown Some define revival as a "reawakening of religious fervor". However, revival is a lot more. It is the invasion of God in the lives of His people, the setting of hearts ablaze with the purposes of God, the inhabiting of His Church by the Holy Ghost, the explosion of the gospel of Jesus Christ into the world and the transformation of hopeless sinners … [Read more...]

God’s Kingdom Purpose for your Nation

  By Bishop C. B. Peter Morgan The challenge of every intercessor is to come to grips with God’s kingdom purpose for their nation. It is God’s will to restore nations, not to destroy them. Until we are convinced of this, we are not equipped to pray. Why are nations that important to God? Would God have saved Sodom had they repented? Did He not spare … [Read more...]

Prayer, The Preacher and Revival

A number of church historians have marveled at the eighteenth century Great Awakening in England and America, which swept hundreds of thousands into God’s kingdom. Many of these historians have focused their attention primarily on John Wesley, and rightly so, as he was the most prominent figure during that great revival. But is it not possible that in focusing so much on … [Read more...]

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