The Accepted and the Rejected

By. Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture:   REVELATION 22:14-15 1. Those who wash their robes have the right of entry into the city of God.  The Authorized Version says, "Blessed are they that do His commandments."  In Greek, the two phrases would be very much like each other.  Those who have washed their robes is hoi plunontes tas stolas, and those that do his … [Read more...]

The Only Worship

  By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture:  REVELATION 19:8-9 In heaven, the "wife" is already fully clothed in fine linen, clean and white, thus free from all impurity.  The fine linen represents the "righteousness's" of the saints.  The Greek for "righteousness" is plural here and so speaks of the righteous deeds of the saint (all believers).  These robes do not … [Read more...]

The Doom of Pride

By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day :  REVELATION 18:5-6  The angel declared Babylon's sins had reached to heaven or to the sky (the Greek word can be used for both).  This may mean they had piled up like the high tower of Babel. That God had "remembered" Babylon's unrighteousness does not mean God had forgotten it.  The phrase "God remembered" is a Hebrew … [Read more...]

The Reincarnation of Evil

By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day:  REVELATION 17:9-11  The mind of wisdom means that there is something here to help interpret John's vision.  The seven heads here have a twofold symbolism.  They represent seven mountains or seven hills.  Some commentators have tried to find seven hills in Jerusalem.  But there are not seven hills there.  In New Testament times, … [Read more...]

The Fall of ……???

  By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture:   REVELATION 17:1 Chapters 17 & 18 tell of the fall of Babylon.  Chapter 17 is one of the most difficult in the Revelation.  Chapter 17 & 18 give details about the fall of Babylon the Great, a fall already announced in chapter 14:8 and 16:19. As mentioned in 16:19, some identify this Babylon with the ancient city … [Read more...]

Nature’s War with Mankind

By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture:   REVELATION 16:19-21 Commentators have given different interpretations as to the identity of "the Great City."  Because the name "Babylon" appears here, some believe that a rebuilt Babylon will become a world center for commerce and religion and will meet the fate described in Chapter 18.  Some others believe it is Rome which was the … [Read more...]

A Vivid Picture of God’s Wrath

By Rev. William Ilnisky   Scripture: REVELATION 16:3-4 The outpouring of the second bowl will bring a second plague which will cause the sea to become as the blood of a dead person. This may mean it is not actual blood, but it is like the corruption, stench, and appearance of the blood which was drained out of a corpse and is in the process of coagulating and … [Read more...]

The Unapproachable Glory

  By Rev. William Ilnisky  March 30, 2017 Scripture:  REVELATION 15:8   Reflection on Scripture of the Day  In the Old Testament, the idea of the glory of God being symbolized as smoke, is common.  In Isaiah's Vision of the Lord (Isaiah 6:4), the house was filled with smoke.  The idea that no one could approach while the smoke was there was common in the Old Testament.  … [Read more...]

The Song the Victorious Sing

  Rev.  William Ilnisky March 28, 2017 Scripture:   REVELATION 15:3-4 Moses was the faithful servant of God (Hebrews 3:5).  He was used by God to bring plagues on Egypt; through him, God accomplished Israel's great deliverance.  After God brought the Israelites through the Red Sea and destroyed the army that was pursuing them, Moses led them in a great song of praise … [Read more...]

The Seven Angels and The Seven Plagues

By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day    REVELATION 15:1-2 Reflection on Day's Scripture In John's next vision, a great and wonderful sign appeared in heaven---seven angels having the seven last plagues.  These are called the "last plagues" because in them the wrath and fury of God are "filled up," completed against the sins of the world that has come under the rule … [Read more...]

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