Reasons for Right Living

  By Rev.  William Ilnisky  Scripture of the Day: 1 PETER 2:11-12 The basic commandment in this passage is that Christians should abstain from fleshly desires. It is of the greatest importance that we should see what Peter means by this. In modern usage, the phrases "sins of the flesh and fleshly desires" have become considerably narrowed in meaning. For us, they … [Read more...]

The Secret of Endurance

  By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day : 1 PETER 1:6-7 Reflection  Peter comes to the actual situation in life in which his readers found themselves. Their Christianity had always made them unpopular, but now they were facing almost certain persecution. Soon the storm was going to break and life was going to be agonizing. In the face of that threatening … [Read more...]

Waiting for the Coming of the Lord

  By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day: JAMES 5:7-9 Reflection on the Scripture of the Day The early church lived in expectation of the immediate Second Coming of Jesus. James exhorts his people to wait with patience for the few years which remained. The Greek word translated "be patient" basically means "be long-suffering." Long-suffering is a fruit of the … [Read more...]

The Law of Liberty and the Life of Mercy

  Scripture: JAMES 2:12-13  Reflection on the Scripture of the Day As he comes to the end of this section, James reminds his readers of two great facts of the Christian life. (1) The Believer lives under the law of liberty, and it is by the law of liberty he will be judged. What he means is, unlike the Pharisee and the orthodox Jew, the Believer is not a man whose … [Read more...]

The Crown of Life

  By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day: James 1:12 There is joy here and hereafter to the man who meets trials in the right way! (1) In this life, he becomes a man of sterling worth. He is like the Greek word dokimos; he is like metal which is cleansed of all foreign substance. The weaknesses of his character are eradicated; he emerges strong and pure. (2) … [Read more...]

The Weapons of Our Warfare

  Scripture of the Day:   EPHESIANS 6:10-12    Reflection on the Scripture of the Day Our warfare-our main source of conflict in life-is not with people; it is against spiritual forces of evil.  For that reason, worldly weapons, such as human invention, talents, wealth, military might, propaganda, charisma, and personality are inadequate to defeat our real enemy … [Read more...]

The Accepted and the Rejected

By. Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture:   REVELATION 22:14-15 1. Those who wash their robes have the right of entry into the city of God.  The Authorized Version says, "Blessed are they that do His commandments."  In Greek, the two phrases would be very much like each other.  Those who have washed their robes is hoi plunontes tas stolas, and those that do his … [Read more...]

The Only Worship

  By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture:  REVELATION 19:8-9 In heaven, the "wife" is already fully clothed in fine linen, clean and white, thus free from all impurity.  The fine linen represents the "righteousness's" of the saints.  The Greek for "righteousness" is plural here and so speaks of the righteous deeds of the saint (all believers).  These robes do not … [Read more...]

The Doom of Pride

By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day :  REVELATION 18:5-6  The angel declared Babylon's sins had reached to heaven or to the sky (the Greek word can be used for both).  This may mean they had piled up like the high tower of Babel. That God had "remembered" Babylon's unrighteousness does not mean God had forgotten it.  The phrase "God remembered" is a Hebrew … [Read more...]

The Reincarnation of Evil

By Rev. William Ilnisky Scripture of the Day:  REVELATION 17:9-11  The mind of wisdom means that there is something here to help interpret John's vision.  The seven heads here have a twofold symbolism.  They represent seven mountains or seven hills.  Some commentators have tried to find seven hills in Jerusalem.  But there are not seven hills there.  In New Testament times, … [Read more...]